On a (Parka) Mission

Every year, I have to go on a mission to find a parka. It's a pain in the ass every year, and every year I am disappointed to not find the perfect parka for me. The thing is I have an idea of what I want therefore when one thing is wrong it throws off the whole piece. This year though I am determined to find the perfect one. I want something very similar to the one on the picture below.

                                                             Disclaimer: Picture not mine credit to owner I found it on google.

I want it to have:
- Fur on the oversized hood (I'd like for it not to be real fur.) 
- Military Green.
- Long ( I am a tall person I'd like for it to at least get to my knees or like the one above would be nice.
- Pockets! I carry a lot of things and I do tend to forget my purse, or bookbag all the time at home so pockets are a must.
- Functionality. I plan on wearing this for winter, and let me tell you Chicago gets cold.

Well, I'll let you know how the search goes for the perfect parka. For now let me get to looking for it again this year.



  1. Hello, I entirely agree with you I am looking for the same thing but every parka I find is either way sold out or hasn't what I'm looking for.

    i fond this one nice but not perfect, but the best I found : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2012-fashion-clothes-raccoon-fur-wadded-jacket-fur-collar-the-disassemblability-berber-fleece-lining-free-shipping/631421196.html?src=ibdm_d03p0558e02r02



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