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Reason to Answer

I often wonder what I feel about my life lately. I feel a pressure to feel something even though at this moment I am in quiet and thoughtful recluse in finding a peace of mind for myself. I will go out of my way to avoid gossip or people with vibes that do not go well with mine, and I find that you have a lot more thoughtful conversations, but it also limits your conversation. The people who I do know find it a bit frustrating and odd even that I do not participate in gossip and have chosen to remove myself entirely from those conversations. They ask me things like:
"Then what do we talk about?"
and I find myself not needing a reason to answer. If you can't find something other than gossip to talk about then why are we in each other's lives? If we only talked about gossip then I find it enlightening that we can't talk about anything otherwise and I feel that we need to stop and analyze the situation that we are in. Contrary to all of my previous entries I find it…

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