It is December, and I feel like the year just flew right by us. I'm not sure where the time went. I find myself not really questioning anything or pressuring myself anymore since I started to live alone for the first time in my life I feel myself content. I don't feel the pressure of not knowing what I am doing. I find myself letting go of people who have bad vibes, and I don't really want to vibe with and find myself much more content in the company of myself. I have proven to myself that I really was designed to live by myself. I do wish that I had moved out on my own in Chicago is the only downfall. If I had moved out in Chicago on my own and not gone to School I would of had the company of my family and my best friends who have become family after knowing each other for 15+ years. Although the peaceful atmosphere of the country is also very nice. As a child I always wanted to live in the country, and now as an adult I have fulfilled that desire that I had as a child, and I realize that I really am a city person even if there isn't much going on in my life I like my surroundings to be erratic, and busy.
I find it odd when people refer to me as a girl or a woman. I have never seen myself as that, and even though I am physically a woman and even then not as much as you would imagine I have never acted like one nor do I have the desire to do so. To be fair I don't know.


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