Acoustic Rumors

My last post made no sense. Even I have no idea what I wanted to say. Today I snapped back into life at work after my episode of extreme exhaustion yesterday. I am enjoying listening to 2NE1 singing they sound so pretty when they sing over acoustic.I think they go well since they all individually have very powerful voices.

So I heard a rumor that BMTH might be playing warped tour 2013 ! Maybe it hasn't been confirmed though, but the Architects are playing Warped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited the Architects ALWAYS put on good shows! I remember I saw them when they first came to Chicago in 2009 they were opening for Every Time I Die (and BMTH was there too.) They were amazing!
I'm kind of excited for new years although I feel like it went by so fast, but its probably because I was up most of the years. I've had many sleepless nights like everyone else. Somehow I felt like there were more this year. I have my outfit though planned out for tomorrow either way.
I almost forgot to tell you I bought myself this fabulous hat for $5 at Forever 21.



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