Inspiration in the oddest of places.

I'm not sure why today I suddenly felt inspired to write a whole play while working. It happened suddenly kind of like when you fall in love at first sight kind of thing. I was working doing my work duties, and then out of nowhere after days of being devastated to write a song or just something anything even one line I suddenly felt the urge to write. All of the lyrics that had secretly been suppressed for days flowed through my brain like waves of the ocean. I couldn't even do my job properly because I was distracted in my head. One of the lead characters in my play would not let me be until I wrote it down. It seems silly, but to me it was very entertaining. I wrote the basic outline out in one of my journals. I have written songs for years now, but never once did I have the urge to write a play it seems odd. In a lot of ways I feel this could be interesting, but I also feel very silly writing a play since I haven't written one before. Its the same feeling I get from seing my first songs. When I first started to write songs I was just very angry at the people around me and could not find a way to express my hatred towards them. I was having a hard time expressing my feelings to anyone during this time and not only that I had just had my first boyfriend which triggered the whole meltdown. (I thanked him recently, because without him I would of never found my talent, and when I did he was very confused then he just got mad. Which was funny, but I honestly felt I needed to thank him for the experience he provided to me. If you are my first Ex-boyfriend I'd just like to thank you again. There are many songs in your honor. I can make an album off of it! :D )
Now my songs have matured and are about what I feel now. They aren't hatred based anymore, or based at getting revenge in a song. Now I feel like my songs are more of confusion and thoughts I generally have in my life. (I wouldn't want to pull a Taylor Swift.) I have been single for a long time and because of this it gives me a new perspective as far as the things I have seen. I also feel that because of this I can also write the songs that I do because I don't really have any other compromises other than going to school, work, and writing songs. It soothes my soul. Someone I once met told me that even the way I speak sounded like I was writing a song.
Well that is all I have to express for now.
-Stay sassy :D



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