Hey Guys And Gals,

I started class today. It looks like its going to be a rough semester, but I should not view this negatively I should view it in a positive light it is going to be a challenging semester. I am going to be a full time student again. I just hope for my sake that I can organize myself very well. I should avoid negativity this semester, and bad influences, and the bad influence in me. I am very tired I was working yesterday and today I had to wake up early, and it did not go well. As I am writing this I am falling asleep knowing I have a few things left to do.

So I went to Sephora today and exhanged my lipstick and got the color I wanted and I think its very pretty. I got Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #29 Rose Opera.

It's pretty isn't it?

I hope I have more to write soon.


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