The One that will be breaking my heart

Better late then never right? It is officially week two of the semester and I am swamped with homework. I am glad I am keeping up with it and organizing myself, but it really has been a while since I've had full-time classes. I have made a friend in Japanese class, and I'm glad because he's been to Japan, so he corrects my pronunciation and my spelling because I am awful at spelling in Japanese. He leant me "The Double Flame," by Octavio Paz. I am excited to read it because we both have many authors we both have read such as Anne Rice and books of that nature so I am excited to read: "The Double Flame."

In Japanese we have learned a lot of vowels, sounds, and we are beginning to write in Hiragana. I am having a little trouble memorizing the Hiragana, but there are certain letters that I have memorized.
Unfortunately, I must cut it short today because I really do have mounds of homework to do.

Also I recommend you watch the Canadian film "Starbuck" (2011) It does have subtitles, but it is a really good movie its the original to the movie Vince Vaugh is in called "Delivery Man" (2013)

By the way I have been listening to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories a lot particularly "Instant Crush" with Julian Casablancas.



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