My goal for this year was to do everything I feared doing these past few years. These past few years I've noticed I was starting to become very introverted, and uncomfortable with social events. Leaving my house was a nightmare to me. It's sad to say but I didn't want the commitment of anything. I still don't like the idea of a commitment unless if its to my career which I am fully committed to at the moment. I was tired of people. Being someone's friend to me seems like such a big commitment and for them to just leave seems routine to me, so I never attach myself to someone, and its funny because the more I like someone the more relaxed I become or the meaner I become and people who know me know that I am mean to them because I like them. Anyways, this weekend I went to Chinatown!

Needless to say we ate a lot!
I also bought a PSP!

Till Next week!


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