Lately, everyone I know has asked me: "Have you packed yet?" and I've said no. They worry and scould me: "When are you moving?" and I say on thursday, and they scould me by saying: "It's almost thursday?!" and I find it both amusing and sweet that they care so much for me. My job is in distress over having to lose me. My boss, and her boss have both offered me so much support, and it's really fucking nice that they all care so much for me. I am very grateful for the people who have come and positively impacted my life. The group of people that I am grateful for are a lot of the reasons why I am sure I had to know what it was like to be in a negative environment with people who were mismatched to me in order to appreciate this good time in my life.

I think we meet these people in our lives that we aren't meant to have forever, but for a short time in order for them to teach us something. We spend most of our lives not listening to people but thinking of how to respond that you don't listen to what they are saying. In my case I had to learn that there isn't good in everyone, and that I should learn to walk away from someone when I know they aren't good or that we aren't compatible as friends or companions. I know that people say that companionship, friends, and general relationships are built throughout time, but sometimes after a while when it gets tough and you wish people would come in the middle of the night because you are having a panic attack, and drive you around until you've calmed down, and they come in the middle of the night to do this you should also correspond the same way if they ever have a problem that they need help with. I realized this two years ago when a friend of mine came in the middle of the night as I was having a panic attack and drove me around. It was then I realized that I could call this person my friend. I think that at that moment in time we were very compatible, and that we had a really great friendship. I still think of this person as my friend, however we've recently embarked on different journeys and have not seen each other in a while.



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