Looper (2012) The movie

I watched the movie Looper yesterday. I read in various papers that it was a very well made movie. However I have heard these things before and I was really skeptical about it, so naturally I had to go see it. The film itself gives me the feeling of an odd combination of Resevoir Dogs meets Inception. This movie was amazing! Lately I feel that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been getting some really good parts.

A basic summary of this movie is Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a Looper: a specialized assassin, and he travels through time in order to take out hits for the mafia since it is more complicated in the future to kill someone without getting caught because of a tracking system that is on humans. Once he takes out the hit he receives silver bars as pay that are strapped on to the person's back. However, he is called a Looper because in order for the mafia to close the contract with any Looper the Looper has to kill his future self, so that his current self can be freed with pay for 30 years (which is when the mafia will come to close the contract assuming you are still alive.) So when Joe kills future Joe (Bruce Willis) he is released from his contract with the mafia, so he travels to Shanghai, China and meets his wife (Qing Xu.) So one day 30 years after that the mafia comes to close Joe's contract (Bruce Willis) and they kill his wife so when Joe(Bruce Willis) is sent back in time so that the other Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) can kill him and close the loop future Joe runs away and decides to kill the main head of the mafia the rainmaker who no one knows the identity of, and that's all I'm telling you, if I tell you any more I would spoil it.

I highly recommend this movie for you all! I am actually going to go see it again, because I felt it was the best ten dollars I have ever spent on a movie (Kind of like when I went to see Tron about 15 times and after the first three times they just let me go in free, because I went I swear everyday it was in theaters.) I highly recommend you watch this movie.



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