"This is for all the independent ladies." (Miss A)

Not my video but it is my screenshot.

Have you heard Miss A's New Song?

As you can probably tell those of you who might follow me on my other sites as well I am obsessed with this song. Although I felt obligated to buy my mother chips, and soda after the first day of hearing this song. This song is about women not relaying on men, or their parents to move themselves forward. Some women (and men too,) rely on getting rich by putting pressure on their significant other. I often find many people asking me if it is best to get married to someone who is wealthy in order to find true happiness, but I have seen a good number of marriages where one of the spouses is wealthy, and its all about the money these marriages fall apart because there is no real feelings for each other.

Money is a necessity for living, but it always feels better to earn it yourself. If you work payday is easily one of the days you look forward to (or dread if you have to pay bills,)but when you receive your check you feel its worth putting up with everything you had to go through on your job. In fact after saving a bit of your paycheck ( 20% of it is advisable and don't touch it you'll become a millionaire after a while of saving, and you won't need a man to do so ;] ) buy yourself something nice that's in your budget you will feel very satisfied with yourself.

I realize some people have very good parents who might still get you something from time to time, and its okay if its a gift every once in a while, but your parents are getting older as well, and if you are going through a financially hard time, or are in school, or for your own reasons are still with your parents pitch in every once in a while to help them out with what ever amount or time is possible for you. Whether its buying nessesities for your siblings that they might need (and when I say need I don't mean that Assasin's Creed pre-order that comes with the hidden knife (My younger brother claimed it was a necessity)) If for example one of your siblings needs a jacket and your parents are financially tight on their budget get it for your sibling. Either way the good action will one day be repaid to you as well.

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen (or you hardcore men and hardcore women)
That "its not about the money money money, we don't need your money money money," (Jessie J) and that you don't "need a man I don't need a man I don't need a man" (Miss A) and keep singing (and saving!) that "Billionaire" song (Travie McCoy) until you become a Billionaire.

Although, I don't need a man I might need those Alicia Keys Reeboks. Hmm.



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