Shinanigans and Sempiternal update (briefly)

Today was the first day of the new semester (well it was yesterday, but I don't have class on monday.) I have no idea why I feel ridiculously tired. (More than usual.) I'm starting to think that the pills my mom is giving us is making both my brother and I feel very worn out. She's giving us the Focus Factor because she thinks our brains need vitamins (she used to be a teacher which is why our education worries her a lot. She just can't understand why my brother and I get bored during class.)
Any who I do know two of the people in the class which relives me because I don't do well the first few weeks because I get very nervous at the thought of having to talk to people in my class. Although I am in the retail business and I have no problem talking to people; regulars, or complete strangers, but I have such a problem working the nerve to start a conversation with someone I know or have in class. I really don't know why I just sort of became that way. When I was younger I would talk all of the time to complete strangers and it wasn't until I got to uni that my communication became such a problem. It sort of got better after I took a communication class (it gave general ideas to communicate and understand communications because I was a business major at the time.) Then I just stopped trying to talk to people. I figure if someone really wanted to talk to me they would approach me. It gets tiring always having to be the conversation starter, since I made that my purpose it seems I filter people a lot better as well. I'm not sure if I'm the only one this happens to, but do you ever just look really forward to talking to someone and then you feel like they are just very disinterested in what you have to say or they just make you feel like you are bothering them? ( Or the MOST ANNOYING OF ALL when you are talking to someone and they are texting and they don't even excuse themselves to text and you are talking to them and they aren't even paying attention.)That's one of the reasons I went through with my filtering system (because even I find myself annoying as well so there are weeks where I go without talking, and its very normal for those who are close to me.)
Although I could just be completely crazy and be imagining all of these things in my head.
I got a new bag by the way. (It was only $15.00 best bargain ever.) I'll take pictures of it later on today to show you guys. I felt compelled to go and buy something after one of my cousins came and asked me if I had bought anything lately and what advice I could give her on the new trends I saw coming up and the truth is I have been so absorbed in trying to blog about my life and trying to save money for the summer that I haven't really bought anything or gone out really. Although I did see the new take on Les Miserables and it was quite good. I plan on doing a review on it within my next two posts.
By the way did you guys and gals hear about Jona not being in BMTH? That's crazy I wonder what happened the band seemed pretty happy with Jona. I can tell this because of the GRAND MASTERPIECE that was There is a Hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a Heaven, let's keep it a secret. Although on the Sempiternal issue have you guys heard the track?!?!?!?

OMGOTH it's beautiful I cannot wait until the tour! I love BMTH Tours!
Hope everyone is having a good start on their terms!


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