Last weeks show.

Last week on Wednesday the 15th I went to see Wednesday the 13th, Vampires Everywhere!, Hessler, and Sinister Fate. It was a really good lineup! The opener for the show was Sinister Fate and let me tell you about their iron bra lady who was really amazing! Sparks literally where coming out of her bra, and to be completely honest this was the first time I had ever seen an opening band with such a bang! for an opening!

I was very amazed to say the least! (Probably because I was really fascinated with Iron Bra lady and her sparks.)

After Sinister Fate came a band called Hessler.
I had not heard of Hessler, but I swear when the lead singer walked into that stage I felt intrigued. I have never in all of my years of show going seen someone command attention like that. When she started singing everyone in the room looked at her. Its just amazing to see a group of people have that much talent! The band knew how to make an entrance and how to keep their set interesting. They had good music, good showmanship, and kept their set fresh for every song. I look forward for what this band does in the future. I'm definitely going to another show where Hessler is playing.

Vampires Everywhere! played after Hessler, and KUZA opened up by being tied up. For some reason I felt sorry for KUZA he was all over the place, he was filming, he was setting up, he was selling merch, and all at the same time. Any how Vampires Everywhere! also had an awesome set really got me into the show. Definitely a fun set! Although there was a point where I wanted to mosh, but keeping in mind the rest of the crowd who did not want to mosh I resisted. Most of you may argue that moshing is not a way of enjoying music, but after a lot of experimentation I have come to discover that moshing is a way to enjoy music. My logic is there are times when the music touches a part very deep inside of you that makes you want to move and enjoying the music through movement. For example a lot of people at this show were still head banging and I can argue that that is a form of moshing, but I wanted to move with the music, but again I kept in mind the crowd and did not mosh out of respect. I feel I really don't have to say much on Vampires Everywhere! because they pretty much speak for themselves. (That and I was resisting moshing, and their drummer was quite beautiful so I'll leave it at that.)

I actually regret not buying their CD. (Yes I still believe in CD's)(Hint Hint Wink Wink)

Finally at about midnight after everyone there cracked the joke about asking what day of the week it was (It was wednesday the 15 ironically) Wednesday 13th came out. He did some songs from the new album (worth checking out by the way) and the usual mix. Still amazing! Wednesday 13th was on my Bands I have to see before I die list. Although they did take a long time to set up it was completely worth the wait! It was beyond incredible!

And he did an encore of course after the whole crowd literally asked what day it was again.
Unfortunately right after his set we were all kicked out. Still it was an awesome show! Hopefully you guys check out these bands and like them as well!

Today I went to sushi with my friend Jose, and since Jose is a VIP at our sushi place we got the boat again!



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