Ride Or Die

I FINALLY SAW THE FAST AND FURIOUS SIX! OMGOTH! IT IS INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend you go and see it! If you haven't seen the trailer check it out below! I highly recommend you go and see it. Also for those of you who already saw it rumor has it that Fast and Furious Seven comes out July 11, 2014!

How was everyone's Memorial weekend? I didn't get Memorial day off I took some overtime at work since I have a few things I want on my wish list which are a bit on the expensive side, and quite a bit of bills racking up. Also I cleaned out my closet again. I should really stop donating everything and start selling again. Unfortunately I have bad experiences selling things on ebay. I just started a storeenvy as well, but I don't really know if I want to sell clothes on there. Another thing as well considering I only wear things once and then get rid of them it just seems like a waste of money for me to buy them and donate them. I guess I'll try out store Envy and see how it goes.

So for you my fellow Kpop fans did you guys get around to seeing CL's new video? If not check it out below:

I could give you my personal opinion. The song is great! However I feel that she could easily have made three video's out of this one. I feel like this blog post I could of made three out of too if you really think about it. Well whatever works. :]

A few announcements I am going to start making playlists every week and I'll start posting them either on monday, or wednesday not sure yet. I do have a vast intrest in music and I like all types of genres, so I'll appeal to all. :] Hope you are all doing well!

Ride or Die.



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