While I was away...

Hello everyone, By now you must be really sick of my on and off posts for which I do apologize for. I had the longest semester of my life, and I ended up getting really sick toward the end, but I am on my way to recovery. I guess I have a lot to say this time around in this post unlike the last few times. Since then I have done a lot of things, and I have so much to tell you all. That is if anyone still reads my blog.

I've gotten so much stuff lately that I don't know where to start. It has been an accumulation of things that I wanted all of my life and finally made a means to go and get instead of wanting them all of the time.
I will make a list because as we all know I like lists:
Firstly, I am blonde again and I really don't regret it I like being blonde.

Second I finally own a camera

I know finally right? The camera I got is the L830 coolpix by Nikon. I'm both a Nikon and Canon person. I know someone nearly died reading this but I find uses for both cameras on certain things. Like one day for said activity I will use my Canon camera instead of my Nikon or vise versa. I still have yet to own some sort of DSLR so hopefully that is on my next list of projects.

My Lipstick collection grew again among other collections

I have a lot to say to be completely honest. I might just start updating every chance I get. -Fatima


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