Becoming an album

Throughout the years I have always had a ton of albums in my computer of pictures that I find on tumblr or the internet in general that I think are pretty cool. I started doing this a few years ago when I was traveling quite a bit and flat out refused to speak to anyone, but I always remember wishing that I could have fun times like the ones saved on my computer. Recently I organized my iPhoto (which I am obsessed with organizing) and I realized that I was deleting a lot of pictures that I had saved in years before and I was leaving a lot more of my own pictures. I went through these pictures that I had taken throughout the years and realized that I had become one of the albums in my iPhoto collections. I had achieved an travel so much in such a short time that I was shocked. I guess I was too busy wishing to be someone else to realized that I had probably done a lot more than the kids in my iPhoto collections had. I guess its like that saying in Fruits Baskets about the plum. People are so busy looking at other people that they don't realize that they are amazing as well, but they just don't see it.
On another note I listened to a song from this band from a long time ago (2005) and I felt so stupid like how did I like this band!? The song was so cheesy.
It has been ridiculously hot over here its not even funny. I try telling myself to go outside but the minute I step outside I find myself regretting it. The other day I went to the flea market with my friend Gwen. It was exciting ! I had not gone to the flea market since I was ten, but I was disappointed by how much stuff we didn't find. Speaking of my friend Gwen she bought her first skateboard and I'm teaching her how to use it! I recently just bought one of those Sunset Cruisers:
Mine however is the Hippy 22 cruiser which I can't seem to find on their website, but I bought mine at zumiez and here it is:
I also ended up buying a longboard the same day Gwen bought her skateboard. I bought this board but mine came with red wheels:
let me tell you I am naturally gifted at riding longboards and I have been riding it for two weeks now.
Sorry to cut this entry short but I do have to work in four hours D: THE MORNING SHIFT! (Dramatic music DAN DAN DAM)



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