Dead Meat

I've been dying to watch season six of True Blood for a while now. Unfortunately, I have this thing about this series since I started watching it by buying the entire box set I'm never left with the suspense of having to wait an entire week for the next episode I just buy the box set and watch it all at once. Then I watch it again and again in order to not torture myself about having to wait so many months just to watch the whole season. However I just heard the best song since yesterday when I was obsessed with Sara Bareilles "Brave." Which is also a good song, but the song that I am talking about is a song called "Dead Meat" by Sean Lennon and now I have never his songs before however I will be as of now. He is a very talented song writer, and I don't think his name had anything to do with it, but the songs he writes are both meaningful and beautiful.

Its raining today. I never realized how much I missed the rain. It was kind of cloudy the day I was born I'm pretty sure it rained. Although I can't say I remember much. I hope it rains all week.



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