I finally found a Parka that I love!

This year I once again went on a search for the perfect parka and I think I finally found it! I recently bought a military green parka from Topshop. I first saw it on Cara Delevingne, and I fell in love with it. However I had to once again this year buy a variation of it but I think that this parka finally suits me. I feel like the past three or four year I buy the same damn parka and its never what I want and usually I buy what I like to call the "Bargain Parka" because it is cheaper but then a year later my poor Bargain Parka has more holes than I can sew and you can see the stitching all over and even those are ripping at the seams, so this year I decided to really invest in a parka that would last me a lot longer so I bought a variation of the parka that I thought I had become and I find myself madly in love with it because it keeps me really warm and at the end of the day that's what a coat is about. I ended up buying this coat (Pictures are from Topshop.)

By the way I am madly in love with the Alexander Wang x H&M Collection. I will post further reviews as I get more of it during the following days.


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