Space Travel

I've been dealing with a lot recently, but I feel so tired, and its not like a tired that I am used to where I just don't have a reason to wake up for. This sounds bizarre but I am tired of pretending I have a reason to wake up, so I don't wake up. The other day I visited this city, and I felt like there was so much potential for me there. Then I found a reason to wake up. Unfortunately I wasn't there that long, and when I came back to where I am staying I had a fever, and spent my week binge watching House. But I've been so tired physically, and mentally tired, and I'm trying to understand why but I don't and none of this paragraph makes sense. I'm going out of town again tomorrow, and I'm indifferent about it. At first I thought it was because there was a remote possibility that I was homesick, but I realize now that I'm not homesick at all. I don't miss where I live at all, and there are really no reasons for me to return. Maybe I was right all along, and I've outgrown where I live. -Fatima


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