Red X on iPod Classic Problem Solution

This week I fixed my ipod classic by slamming it onto a table, and yes you read that correctly I slammed my ipod onto the table and it rebooted. The story behind this is that I tried to reboot my ipod and it got stuck on this screens:

For a month. So after talking to the apple support people and them making me feel like I had the anomaly of iPod's I went on a search throughout the internet, and that's when I found the solution in the deepest corner of the internet. On I found this solution:

Did I believe it at first? No I was extremely skeptical and I though TreyDollarz was trolling me, but after looking to the 98 responses and seeing that it had worked for the majority of the 98 people I thought I had nothing to lose. Naturally I started slamming it everywhere.

I slammed it on:
The palm of my hand
The table
Cement floor
The floor

I decided that maybe it need to be slammed harder than I was, and that is when I enlisted my brother's help as I was explaining to him that I needed to slam my ipod port to the bottom on a table I slammed it on one of the desks at Uni, and it worked. The ipod rebooted, and I was shocked. I kept saying: 

"Oh my Goth it fucking worked!'

My brother was extremely skeptical about the solution as well and was equally shocked to find that the solution to my ipod problem had worked. So far my iPod seems to be working well.



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